Geese fly with their human ‘mother’


In Brittany, France, a flock of geese regard a human, a French microlight pilot Christian Moullec as ‘mother’. Every time when Christian Moullec flies his microlight to the sky, the birds are all following him, flying with the microlight in a perfect V-shape, the scene is really spectacular and very warm.

According to Christian Moullec, he rears these orphaned birds from their birth, they also have recognized him as their family member, he said that he was very thankful having their company during each flight, it seemed to be a special gift and also allows him to closely observe the beautiful view of flying geese. 52-year-old Christian Moullec has been flying together with these birds for more than 15 years now. He has saved an endangered wild geese by the money raised through his display. Check it out 

Birdman 2 Birdman 3 Birdman 4

Birdman 5

Birdman 6 Birdman 7 Birdman 8

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