Fourteen interesting facts about Germany


Germany is Europe’s largest economy, it’s famous for beer, car and manufacturing industries, here is 14 interesting facts about Germany

1. According to 2012 estimate, the population of Germany is about 82,020,578. Besides Russia, it is the most populous country in Europe.


2. Germany is located in central Europe, lies on the east of Poland and Czech Republic, south of Austria and Switzerland, west of Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, north of Denmark, it is the country in Europe which has the most neighboring countries.

3. Germany was also known as the Holy Roman Empire from AD 962 to 1806, the Kingdom of Prussia between 17th century and the 19th century, and the WeimarRepublic from 1919 to 1933 in German’s historical perspective.

  Gutenberg Bible

4. The Gutenberg Bible was the world’s first movable-type printing book, made by a German Gutenberg in 1454.


5. In 1922, German Hans Riegel invented the gummy bear. Gummy bears became famous throughout the world in 1967.


6. Oktoberfest comes from Germany. In October 1810, this big celebration was held for Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese’s wedding. Since then, Oktoberfest was retained as a traditional festival. Germany has more than 1,300 Beer Breweries, it is one of the world’s largest beer producer, also the world’s biggest beer consumer after the Irish. Beer is also considered a food in Bavaria officially.

New Swan Stone Castle

7. New Swan Stone Castle is the symbol of Germany, Germany has more than 150 castles. There is no country in the world has so many castles.

15 thoughts on “Fourteen interesting facts about Germany

  1. Nie podoba się Moderatorom mój komentarz po niemiecku, ani po angielsku, więc będzie po polsku. Ponad 1000 lat zakłamujecie Polską historię i nawet teraz dowód w postaci linku nie przepuszczacie. To się nazywa hipokryzja, żeby nie napisać dosadniej. Na polskich stronach znajduje się wykaz ponad 400 zamków, oraz ponad 2000 pałaców, popartych pięknymi zdjęciami.

  2. Right, Poland has more then 400 castles, so thats a lie: “There is no country in the world has so many castles.”

  3. not nice to lie, in Poland is 419 castles and palaces 2021, and other nations? After all, in the Czech Republic is more than 200

  4. Phi – w Polsce jest więcej Zamków, a poza tym to Niemcy pochodzą od nas – więc te zamki budowali na ich ziemiach SŁOWIANIE!!!

  5. What would you expect from the nation who has stolen even the name of their own country? Nothing but lies. Geramia was located on the lands of Slavs.
    By the way, Poland has more castles.

  6. Yes “fact” 7 is obviously false, but so is “fact” 4. China has had the printing technology since Bi Sheng (990–1051 AD) invented it, and the first mention of an actual book printed is also from China – Wang Zhen’s Nong Shu of 1313 AD.

  7. More than 150 castles in Germany vs. more than 400 castles in Poland… There is no country in the world has so many castles… F#ck logic

  8. Hehehe like always Germans lies !!!
    Poland got 419 Castels
    You will always envied polish history.

  9. Nie będę oryginalny ale głos w dyskusji trzeba zabrać w obliczu jawnego kłamstwa. There is 419 castles in Poland. End of story.

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