Eskimos elderly dies on floating ice


Among the many stories about the Eskimos, the most famous is how they face death. They treat it with an unique way: the old man will move on a floating iceberg, then drift away with the sea, they will be frozen or starved to death under the freezing natural condition inevitably, the Eskimos believe that people will go to another world after death, the old people are more willing to be sent to another world in dignity, they don’t want to become burdens for their families and Eskimos would put limited food on children until they can provide themselves. This practice usually happens during famines but has been end since 1939 as the economy has greatly developed and people’s notions has evolved under the pressure from missionaries.

2 thoughts on “Eskimos elderly dies on floating ice

  1. The above picture is of my AUNT and UNCLE! This is one of the most disrespectful things I’ve ever seen. How would you like it if your Aunt and Uncle were used as a joke like this. They were GREAT people.

  2. I’m so sorry they disrespected your family like that
    people have no morality just to get a story out they don’t even care if it’s accurate anymore much love to your family

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