Eighteen interesting and weird facts about space

The Universe is probably about 15 billion years

Amazing space, mystical and dramatic, here is 18 interesting facts about space.

1. The age of the universe means the time from the Big Bang to this day, according to current theories and observations, the universe is nearly 13.7 billion-year-old. It is a result calculated by science, of course, more accurate data will be produced in the future.


2. The moon is moving away from the earth at the speed of 3.8cm per year. The primary cause of that is tidal phenomenon caused by the pull of the moon.


3. The distance between Earth and our sun is 1495, 9787, 0700 meters, the sunlight needs 8 minutes to shine on the earth. But the rays were formed in the core of Sun 30,000 years ago, they spent most times on the Sun’s surface.


4. Mercury rotating on its axis once is known as one day in Mercury, the “one” day is equivalent to about 59 days on the earth.

5. The main stars in the constellations are all named by Bayer designation – named after a Greek alphabet. This nomenclature was created by Johann Bayer in 1603.


6. The brightest star lies in the constellation Cygnus. It is named Deneb or α Cygni.

china rocket

7. About 1000 years ago, China has produced the world’s first rocket, it is one of the most important inventions of the Chinese people.

8. Olympus Mons is a volcano on Mars, also the largest known volcano in the solar system, almost 3 times as high as Mount Everest on earth.


9. The gases produced by frequent volcanic activity gradually replaced the original atmosphere on Earth, formed today’s atmosphere.

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