Eight strange giraffe facts

Giraffe lives in wild Africa, kids all love it but did you know these eight strange giraffe facts?

1. Giraffes are the tallest animal in the world, they can grow up to 16-18ft (6m) on average. Due to their special gene, new born baby giraffes are about 6ft (2m) tall, it’s taller than most adult human.

2. Nature is cruel for wild animals, baby giraffes have learnt to stand up within 30 minutes after birth, and they can run when they are just 10-hours-old.

3. Giraffes keep standing in most of their lives, even when they sleep or give birth, which means the newborn babies will fall 6ft to the ground. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt as the baby giraffes can weigh 150lb (70kg).

baby giraffes

4.Although giraffes look clumsy, they can sprint at the speed of 35 miles/hour in a short time, their normal walking speed also can reach up to 10 miles/hour, so don’t bully them or they will chase you.


5. It’s very difficult to drink water for giraffes as their special stature, it’s also very dangerous as the predators can attack them easily when they knee on the ground. So giraffes only drink water once every 1-3 days, they can get most water from the leaves.

giraffes drink

6. Although giraffe is peaceful and cute, but an adult giraffe can kill a lion easily with his strong kick, it has powerful leg and shape hoof, most predators won’t mess with an adult giraffe.

Giraffe kick

7.You may have seen such picture on many Valentine’s Day card: two giraffes rub each other’s necks to firt. Giraffes show their intimacy by such a sweet, cute and romantic way. But if two male giraffes neck each other that doesn’t mean they are gays, male giraffes use this way to fight with other males, they rub their necks and the stronger win, that’s really interesting and weird.

giraffes necking

8.Beautiful spot pattern is giraffe’s ID card, like human’s fingerprints, each giraffe has a unique fur patterns. The giraffe’s furs is fashionable and impressive, but has a terrible smell, you can smell it 250 meters away. So don’t try to wear animals.

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