Dying dad walks 11-year-old daughter down the aisle

dying dad and daughter on wedding

In California, 62-year-old dying Jim Zetz held a special wedding for his 11-year-old daughter Josie at their backyard in March 2014. When he walked Josie down the aisle everyone around was deeply affected by this moving scene.

Jim Zetz is a pancreatic cancer patient, he was diagnosed to have gone into stage 4 last year. So in his last stop, he hoped to give his daughter a happy memory because that day when Josie walks down the aisle he couldn’t walk at her side. With the professional photographer Lindsey Villatoro’s help, Zetz realized his last wish. There were wedding dress, diamond ring, cake, gifts and pastor on the wedding, but there was no bridegroom, only a dying dad, most time of that day Josie was smiling, but she still couldn’t help tearing at the moment when she hugged her father.

dying dad and daughter on wedding 2

dying dad and daughter on wedding 3

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