Don’t buy these weird shoes as gifts if you love her

And don’t wear these weird shoes in home, your Mom will be upset.

coral shoes

1. Indescribable shoes, what is its style? Boom coral? Only designer Igor Dewe knows what it is, you need a strong calf to hold the heavy shoes. Check it out

Umbrella Shoes

2. Graceful design, Umbrella Shoes protect your feet from rain, need some skills in walking. Check it out

grass shoes

3. You want to have a close touch with the nature? Wear this shoe and feel the soft grass. Made from durability high quality synthetic grass, it will give you a special experiences. Check it out

penis shoes

4.  Lady Gaga loves this shoes, the penis is apparently all the rage where shoes are concerned, fashion and maybe detachable, that’s why it was sold for $4,500. Check it out

Toeless Shoes

5. The most sarcastic humor shoes I have met, making sure the ground is clean before wearing the Toeless Shoes. Check it out

biological shoes

6. High Tech 3D Printed Synthetic Biological Material Shoes, looks like an alien’s shoes. It’s cool but you have to wait for 4 years to purchase it. Check it out

Nail Heels

7. Ouch, the Nail Heels can be easily transformed to weapons. Check it out

 starfish shoe

8. I’m a starfish. Check it out


9. Sad, buy him some shoes.

banana shoes

10. Not sex at all…

bridge shoe


11. Amazing design with no foot plate, the heel and ball of the foot form a natural bridge. Check it out

Ouch shoe


12. Ouch, it was hurting my eyes.

 Insect Enlocked Shoes


13. Insect Enlocked Shoes

Bread Loafers


14. Fashion, “wearable” and edible, warm bread made in France. Check it out

FiveFingers shoe

15. FiveFingers shoe, rubber sole, abrasion-resistant and breathability. Check it out

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