Couple invites 200 homeless people to dinner

200 homeless people on reception

American couple Carol and Willie Fowler invited 200 homeless people to the restaurant which was reserved for their daughter Tamara’s wedding.  It turned out that Mr. and Mrs. Fowler learned the wedding canceled 40 days before but they had spent thousands dollars, they were shocked and didn’t want to waste the money, then they contacted Elizabeth Omilami who is the person in charge of Atlanta-based homeless charity, wanted to turn the wedding into a joyful party for 200 homeless people and their families. Omilami said she was happily surprised and thought it was a prank at first when she heard someone would offer free four-course meals at the upmarket Villa restaurant. Carol and Willie named the banquet “First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love”, it was very successful and the family plan to host it again next year.

70% of all homeless in Atlanta are kids, I think the couple did a right thing – better than waste it simply.

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