Camp uses electric shock to treat internet addition

electric shock

What would you do if your kids are online-games addicts? Maybe you should try to talk with them, but never follow the image above.

Since 2005, China, 5,000 kids who are considered web addicts are sent to a military camp by their parents, the camp creator Dr.Yang insisted that internet addition would ruin kids and only electric shock “treatment” could save these kids. Kids in the camp don’t have freedom, they often suffer torture and maltreatment, they are forced to accept 20mA electric shock and psychoactive drugs, they can’t leave the “prison” if they can’t abandon the internet addiction. This aversion therapy caused huge controversy.

The camp is very expensive, parents have to pay $1500 for their kid per month, Dr.Yang earned $15,000,000 in just three years. In 2009, a kid suddenly died  during the electric shock “treatment”, under great tension, the gov shut down the camp and banned the inhuman electric shock “treatment.”

Aversion therapy may be useful in a short time, but I’m sure that the damage the “treatment” brought to kids are more serious than internet addition itself.

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