California couple strikes gold after finding $10 million of 19th century coins


In February 2013, California, a middle-aged couple accidentally discovered a large number of well-preserved gold coins buried in the shadow of an old tree when they were walking the dog.  These gold coins are valued at over $10 million. This lucky unnamed couple said that they went that way every day for many years, one day the wife found an old jar out of the ground, they dug it out and found eight jars in total, there are over1,400 coins inside, they are almost new. After identification, These coins were minted in 1847-1894, they are in uncirculated. They had a total face value of $27,000, but according to coin experts, some of them is worth about $1 million each because of very well preserved and rare species. Perhaps, it is by far the larges treasure found buried in the United States. A part of gold coins would appear on the exhibition, then the couple planned to sell them online, the money will be used to pay for the loans and donate to local charities. They will leave only a few pieces as souvenirs.

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