Amazing Art Flower Girl

Flower girls are created by Malaysian artist Limzy, this is a group of her illustration works. She drew the outline of these beautiful women with watercolors, and then dressed them in elegant flower dresses, she achieved a perfect combination of watercolor and petals, her works look so beautiful that we can hardly describe it. Let’s enjoy them, and feel Limzy’s interesting idea. Check it out

Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-1 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-3 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-4 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-5 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-7 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-8 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-9 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-10 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-11 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-12 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-14 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-16 Lim-Zhi-Wei-LoveLimzy-17

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