Adopted cat becomes good climber


Millie is not an ordinary cat, she is a rock-climbers like his owner Craig Armstrong, they all love rock climbing. Millie is unafraid of steep cliffs, she even could seek the high-ground out and challenge her companion Craig. According to her owner, Millie has all the qualities of a good climbing partner, she never complains no matter how bad the road is, she is a incredible athlete, she can make a surprising jump and move during the climbing, but she prefer climb with Craig. Of course Craig is also very concerned about Millie’s safety, he would help her to wear safety equipment, the common interest makes Craig and Millie become close friends, they accompany each other and conquer all challenges. Craig said that he first saw Millie in an Animal Adoption Center in Utah, Millie climbed on his back and sat on his shoulder, he knew that she would be a good partner at that moment. Facts proved that Craig was right, Millie soon became a sports figure. Check it out

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