6 Weird things you’d never expect to find in the back of a limousine

Cadillac DTS  Limousine

You wouldn’t believe some of the things drivers find in the back of limousines, last week we had the opportunity to speak with David, a driver from the Limo service company Paradise Toronto Limos based out of Toronto, ON.

We put together a list of the 6 funniest, weirdest things you’d never expect to find in the back of those super stretch cars!

6. “A bag with hair extensions, a pair of scissors and a paper clip”

I guess they were running a fashion show out of the back of this limo ride. There was literally hair on the floor and seats, according to Dave. This was one of the weirdest things he’d ever encountered in 12 years of driving limousines

5. A large bag of cash

This one wasn’t David, it was a friend of his and colleague driving at the time. When his friend came back to the home base at the end of his last trip, he opened the backseat of the limo to find $20 and $50 bills scattered all over the floor and a small zip lock bag full of the same bills

It turned out that this was counterfeit cash!

4. An entire tuxedo – They never called for it

I’m not exactly sure how this one played out? This one is up for your own interpretation. David never actually spoke to them when they finally exited the limo

3. 18 different beanie babies

This is just weird. Who has beanie baby’s anymore? And who brings those in a limo, and why so many? So many questions. This isn’t even the best part. The best part was that David actually ended up SELLING these on Ebay and making an extra $300.00. Who knew beanie baby stuffed animal dolls we’re still worth something?

2. A love letter written by a soldier from 1931

This was weird, it was acutally below the seat in the back and I only found it when I was re-wiring the music system in the back of the car. I’m not sure how long it’d been there. I ended up tracking down the family that it belonged to and they were extremely happy about it.

1. .38 caliber S&W revolver in the backseat

This was definitely the freakiest / weirdest thing that ever happened to me. I specifically remember the couple who was riding with me that night, they were 2 very normal people probably in their mid 40’s. Who would ever expect to find a ditched gun in the back? This ended up being a whole other issue when we notified the police

Who knows what we might find next year in the back of our limousines!

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