6 Weird Myths about CrossFit

Perhaps all fitness enthusiasts heard about CrossFit. It is a very sophisticated fitness program that is designed to work all muscle groups, develop endurance and strength. The reasons why so many myths appeared around this workout program could be the fact that it is used for training in police academies, military units, for athletes and martial arts fighters. So it is well known that it is a bit harsh. Here are the weirdest Six myths that were ever invented about CrossFit.

  1. You work out until your throw up, pass out or even die

It is indeed an intensive training, and it requires a healthy dose of stamina and willpower to complete the training. But this is too much. If you’re ambitious and want to take in a lot of this workload at high intensity, you might experience nausea or sickness. It is a usual feeling when your body is pushed to the highest limits, but all happens in a controlled environment. Moreover, people do CrossFit by choice, not by death sentence.

  1. You’ll become a muscle bulk

If you do an intensive training like this one, you will add up some muscles. But don’t expect to become Hulk overnight. Building up muscles depends on a variety of factors, and it will be more obvious in men, rather than in women, because it is closely related to testosterone levels.

  1. You need a solid financial status to do it

It is true famous athletes and sportsmen used this technique to have better performances. But that doesn’t mean it is not affordable. Let’s be realistic. The best CrossFit shoes are far from costing a fortune, it’s worth to invest a pair of CrossFit shoes A gym may be cheaper, but with this training, you will have the body tonus of your dreams. CrossFit trainers will offer the attention you need, together with proper training, to have the best physic shape.

  1. You need to be a former athlete

It is the most off-reality myth ever. It is true you might feel dried up and useless first time you enter a CrossFit area, compared to the living body sculptures around you. But remember they never won a gold medal in their lives. Probably most of them never raise a muscle before CrossFit, or they had extra-large numbers on their pants.

  1. It is an exclusive cult

Outsiders may see these extremely toned and fit people like belonging to a certain exercise cult. The truth is that CrossFit was meant to welcome anyone with the desire to change his or her lifestyle. It promotes a healthy exercise regime and a balanced diet. And once you’re in it, the idea of the cult will disappear as everyone forms a great and friendly family.

  1. It will steal all your time away

The time spent performing CrossFit depends on personal choice. People who like to look all toned up and with beautiful and visible muscles will do it every day, all week long. But if you need spectacular results, doing it three or four times per week will do. Doing it just twice a week also suffice, if you only want to maintain your healthy tonus.

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