5 Interesting Facts About Cellulite You Need To Know

Cellulite is estimate to affect at least ninety percent of women at one point or the other in their lives. Despite popular misconception, even ladies that are slim and fit can also be affected with it. While been a relatively common occurrence, cellulite is enshrouded in a lot of misconceptions. Most especially when it comes to what it really is, what are the mitigating factors that trigger it and even how it can be effectively dealt with. To which end, this article is designed to offer top facts about cellulite, in the hope of shedding some illuminating light on the subject.

1. Cellulite is not triggered by toxins accumulation in the body

There happen to be some over the counter cellulite solutions whose makers claim that they work by eliminating toxins accumulation in the body. But these assertions do not have any scientific foundation. This problem is only triggered when underlying fat deposits start to force their way through collagen and the connective tissues found beneath the skin. It usually manifests itself in areas such as the buttocks, thighs, stomach, and to some extent, even the arms. Talking of the connective tissues, they are susceptible to get weakened by factors like hormonal imbalance, excess fat accumulation and poor circulation.

2. Women tend to catch cellulite more than men

Ladies normally carry much more fat around the hips as well as thighs. When compared to males, they also possess lesser supportive connective tissues to hold these fat deposits in place. Both of these factors means that women are more prone to experience cellulite than men. However, it is also estimated that around ten percent of the men population also have to deal with this challenge.

3. Cellulite worsens as you grow older

Hormones like earlier mentioned, play a significant role cellulite development contrary to what some individuals may like to think. As ladies get older, their bodies begin to produce lesser amounts of the hormone estrogen, which has been proven to promote appropriate blood circulation. Diminished estrogen production also impedes the production of new collagen. It also indirectly leads to older connective tissue breakdown. All these factors have been known to substantial worsen cellulite appearance in older women.

4. Cellulite can be triggered by genetics

Cellulite development has been known to run in generations of families. Should your mother or your grandmother have experienced it, you also stand an increased risk of having it. Nevertheless, genetics has been proven to play a considerably minor role in cellulite appearance. On the other hand, issues such as improper dieting, lack of physical exertion and inability to maintain a healthy weight are by far the leading causes of this problem.

5. Cellulite does not only occur to overweight persons

Been on the plus side in terms of weight does definitely make cellulite appearance much more conspicuous. The more fat deposits you have beneath your skin, the more likely they will exert pressure on your connective tissue, and find their way out in its weak points. But cellulite can also occur to ladies of all shapes and sizes, even those who are trim, integrate a healthy diet and exercise frequently.

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