40 cars have crushed into my house in last 14 years


Maybe you have read the unluckiest person in our blog, now you can see the unluckiest house. In South Yorkshire in the UK, there is an ordinary house making its 57-year-old owner Ted Grayson fearful all day, because more than 40 cars have crushed into the house in last 14 years, Mr Grayson said that once a motorcycle has crashed into the kitchen window, the motor cyclist flew in through the window and the motorcycle hung out the window when his brother was eating his breakfast, the kitchen wall had been repaired again and again in the past. Ted Grayson’s house is located at the bend of a road, so its accident risk is very high, every time Mr Grayson had to make a claim on the car owners.  Although there have already been warning signs which have reduced the vehicle speed from 60mph to 40mph, there still have a total of 14 accidents occurred in 2014 so far.  Poor house, poor Grayson!

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