3D ‘smoothfood’ help elders eat better


Roast lamb, green asparagus and potato mash

Scientists in German company Biozoon have invented a 3D printed food called ‘Smoothfood’, they are super smooth, just like jellies, designed for the elderly who struggle with swallowing solid food daily. The 3D food printer can reshape the original foods which have been chopped, mixed and pureed into paste and foam, makes them look like the regular food but more easy to swallow and digest, scientists try to provide balance nutrition to the elderly in this way.

More than 60% elderly patients suffer from dysphagia. This $4.2 million invention will help the elders eat better. Check it out


Salmon with broccoli and potato mash


Chicken wing with paprika and potato mash

smoothfood 2

Roast liver with apples and onions

smoothfood 1

Tomato salad

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