29 interesting facts about Shark


11. Shortfin mako shark can leap approximately 30 feet high in the air.


12. Great whites are considered to be the most ferocious animal in ocean, they move quickly and can swim at 30 km per hour in the water.

13. Thousands of sharks become unable to swim and slowly die after their fins are cut off.

14. You cannot see sharks’ ears from the outside, they are located inside their skulls.

15. Sharks’ skeletons are made up of cartilages, there is no a single bone in their bodies.


16. Most shark attack victims are men, the number even can account for 90% of all victims, because shark is sexist… OK that is because men stay longer in water than women, for example, most surfers are men.

17. Sharks have an exquisitely sense of smell, they even can smell a drop of blood in a large swimming pool.

Most likely to be killed by

18. Most people fear sharks, but in fact, the probability of being attacked by sharks is very low, it is even lower than being struck by lightning, being killed by a vending machine, being killed by a falling coconut or being bitten by Suarez.


19. The film Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg, produced in 1975, in fact, it was based on a real incident which occurred in New Jersey in 1916, four people were killed by a shark in that incident. The original director of this film, Dick Richards was fired because he kept calling the shark a whale.

20. When still in mother’s womb, the first tiger shark pup whose teeth has appeared will began to eat its unborn siblings to ensure itself can get enough nutrition and a better chance of survival. This is the only recorded instance where someone was bitten by an unborn animal.

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