29 interesting facts about Shark


1. In 1935, Australia, fishman captured a 3.5-metre tiger shark, it vomited up another smaller shark which vomited up a human arm, the arm was used to solve a murder.


2. Megalodon, a giant shark which can reach the length of 14-18 meters (46 – 59 ft.) A Great White Shark is just the size of a Megalodon’s penis! It became extinct 1.5 million years ago.

3. Ernest Hemingway, the writer of The Old Man and the Sea once shoot sharks with machine guns, because they were attacking the Tuna he was fishing.


4. Australian Rodney Fox invented the world’s first underwater observation cage after being bitten by a great white shark, He started a foundation for the conservation of Great White Sharks after the serious injury.

Sharks Invade golf course

5. Six bull sharks were used to survive in fresh water and began to breed after being stranded in a golf course lake.

6.Sharks (400 million years old) are older than trees (350 million years old) .


7. There is a fishing community in Indonesia that has pet sharks.

8. Sharks own weight can literally crush their body on land because they have no ribcage.


9. Florida man Vance Flosenzier wrestled a shark out of water to get his nephew’s arm, the boy’s arm was reattached now

10. There are more than 400 known different types of sharks in the world, but only 20 percent sharks are large than adult humans .

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