27 interesting and crazy facts about Russia

 Cat theater

8. Cat theater is very common in Russia where all the actors are cats!

drink while swimming

9.On June 2010, a heat wave killed 1200 people in one month, most people died from drowning, because they drink vodka while swimming.

big McDonald's

10. Moscow has one of the world’s largest McDonald’s, there are 700 seats and 27 cashier desks in it. It can serve 15,000 customers a day.


11. Kremlin in Moscow is the biggest medieval fortress in the world, built in the 14th and 15th centuries. It is a national symbol for Russia.

12. Until 2007, Russian cosmonauts can carry guns in the space, this will protect them if the ship off course lands on the wilderness, or the ship meets some aliens.

13. People all over the world know the Russians love vodka, Vodka is the national drink of Russia.

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