27 interesting and crazy facts about Russia

russian beer

1. Beer was legally considered alcoholic beverage since 2011, before that time any kids could purchase beer because they are considered common food.


2. Peter the Great obviously doesn’t like beards, he imposed a tax on beards that anyone who doesn’t want to have a clean-shaven visage must pay 100 rubles for a beard license with the inscription: “The beard is a useless burden.”

SG-3 hole

3. 1970, the Soviet Union dug a world’s deepest artificial hole, 40,230 feet deep SG-3 hole, for no purpose at all.


4. Russia is the biggest country in the planet, it is as big as the Pluto.

russia leaders

5. Since 1825, Russian leaders have alternated between  hairy and bald!

6. On October 4, 1957, the Soviet Union successfully launched the world’s first satellite Sputnik I.

7. Russia has the most time zones in the world, it covers nine time zones while Canada covers five time zones.

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