24 Interesting Facts about Elephants


17. Elephants do not like to eat peanuts. An adult elephant can eat up to 300 pounds and spend 18 hours on eating a day, peanuts are too tiny.

Elephant can't jump

18. Elephants are the only mammal that can’t jump, they have as many bones as other mammals on their foot, but the spaces between the bones are smaller than other mammals’, so the flexibility of their foot is poor.

19. The elephant’s trunk consists of more than 40,000 muscles, so it is quite flexible.


20. Elephants are very sensitive and smart animals, the members of an elephant family are mutual caring, if a baby elephant complains, the whole family will caress it, that looks very warm. Elephants’ feelings are very rich, they can express their sad, compassion, self-awareness and even their altruism.

21. When an elephant is getting old, it lies down less and less, because getting up has become more and more difficult for them.

22. Elephants have mysterious death rituals, it is very rare among animals, you need to know that only modern humans, Neanderthals and elephants are known to have such rituals on Earth.


23. The world record of the largest elephant weighted as much as 10,886kg, and it was 3.96 metres high.


24. The mammoth is an extinct elephant species, it lived from Pliocene epoch at about 5 million years ago into the Holocene at about 4,500 years ago, it used to be the largest elephant in the world, it was twice bigger than today’s elephant, and more closely related to Asian elephant according to evolutionary history.

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