24 Interesting Facts about Elephants


9. War elephants once were defeated by fire pigs in history. Greeks set fire on pigs then drove them towards the war elephants, then the elephants bolted in terror from the squealing pigs.

Baby elephant dives in mud

10. Report shows an elephant may die from a broken heart. Check it out


11. Elephants are the largest living land mammals on Earth, and these large animals also have the longest nose in the world.


12. The gestation period of a female elephant is 22 months, it is the longest pregnancy among mammals.

13. Female elephants are also known as cows. Males are also called Bulls. Baby elephants are called calves.

14. An adult elephant’s skin can be as thick as an inch, but in fact it is very sensitive, it can feel insect stings.

15. Elephants do not have sweat glands, they use their large ears to dissipate the heat.

16. The rock hyrax is the closest living relative of elephant, it is a medium-sized mammal, looks like a guinea pig.

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