24 Interesting Facts about Elephants


1. Due to ivory trade and the slaughter of elephants, the average tusk size of African/Asia elephants have decreased 50% since the 19th century. Poachers are more like to slaughter dominant male elephants(with bigger tusks), which allows smaller elephants with shorter tusks produce more babies. So the evolution occurred within 150 years.

elephant photographer

2. BBC once was going to make a documentary film on tigers, but they can’t get close to the secretive animal in the jungle, so they trained an elephant to use camera which can get closer to tigers than humans, and this special photographer have taken some intimate views of  four baby tigers. Check it out

elephant understand

3.Research shows dogs and elephants are the only two animals that understand human gestures.


4. There is an elephant who can draw himself.


5. A research shows that elephants can recognize the voice of people who hunted them, elephants also know that men are more dangerous than women and kids. Check it out


6. Elephants are extremely scared of bees as bees can sting the skin of the inside trunk, they even developed a special rumble to warn each other when they found bees.

elephant alcoholism

7. There is a serious problem of elephant alcoholism in India. More and more elephants try to break into village and rob beer, when they got drunk they are the most dangerous drunkard.

8. Indians would dress their horses with fake elephant trunks to avoid elephant attack.

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