26 interesting facts about China

 one-child policy

19. There is a family planning policy also known as one-child policy in China since 1979, most families only allow to have one child, or they will face heavy fines.


20. China is the world’s largest toy maker and exporter, over seventy percent of the world’s toys are made in China.

21. The production cost of a common cigaret lighter is about $0.01 in China, an iPad would cost $14,000 if it was totally made in American.


22. You can buy any luxuries such as LV, Gucci at an unbelievable cheap price, I mean fake brand.

difficult to find job

23. Nowadays in China, university students are difficult to find jobs, while factories need a lot of technical employees.

24. Facebook, Twitter, G+ are all illegal in China.

china huge widening gap

25. China once was an average country, now it has a huge widening gap.

air pollution

26. China is facing a serious air pollution problem, and about 33% of San Francisco’s air pollution comes from China.

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