26 interesting facts about China

counterfeit egg

11. There is a counterfeit egg industry in China, counterfeit egg is synthetical egg made from chemicals.

12. China has one of oldest and most varied cooking traditions in the world.

china phoenix

13. The phoenix is the most important bird in ancient Chinese legend, it has a important position in Chinese culture as the dragon.

 most terrible traffic jam

14. In August 2010, drivers got stuck in the most terrible traffic jam in history, which was 62 miles long, lasted for 12 days in China.

15. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games cost $40 billion, which made it become the most expensive Olympics in history up to end 2008.

panda researchers

16. In China, you can see some Chinese researchers dressed in panda suits, it is not for pleasure, but to help baby Panda to relate to the environment.

17. The world’s tallest man is Chinese.

Chinese Zodiac

18. Chinese Zodiac are twelve animals used to represent the year, they are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Each year is associated with one of twelve animals, twelve years is a full Zodiac. Each zodiac or animal has a story.

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