23 Interesting Facts about Marijuana

13. Marijuana was first recorded as a medicinal drug in Chinese emperor Shen Nung’s writing in 2737 B.C. canada marijuana

14. In 2003, the Canadian government decided to sell medical marijuana to the patients struggling with long-term pain, so it made Canada become the first country in the world to sell marijuana.

15. Compared with people who abuse alcohol, those people who smoke marijuana are less likely to get brain tissues damaged. 16. The first marijuana – related law was enacted in 1619 in America, it required all farmers to grow marijuana.


17. Marijuana also can be quite attractive, it is difficult to imagine it can link with art, but Brazilian artist Fernando de la Rocque had done, he uses Marijuana smoke to complete his beautiful paintings. That’s amazing. Check it out


18. Many people think Marijuana is harmless, in fact in 1894, the Indian Government has declared it. chongcancer

19. In fact, Marijuana can help to fight against cancer. Check it out

weed death

20. In history there is no case of a person died of marijuana overdose or using marijuana. meanwhile-colorado-weed-demotivational-posters

21. In Los Angeles and Denver, the number of medical marijuana dispensaries is more than Starbucks. Denver has become the Most High city in America.

22. California is America’s largest marijuana producer and distributor.

23. Marijuana is used to fight other drug addictions-most recently, in Bogata Colombia. Related Video: Weed – CNN Special Dr Sanjay Gupta 2013 Documentary 

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