23 Interesting Facts about Marijuana

Bhutan marijuana

1. In Bhutan, there are more marijuana growing in the wild than the regular grass, because the climate of this country is perfect for all types of illicit drugs. Nobody smoke marijuana here before television started popping, people use marijuana to feed pigs.


2. You won’t believe that the first product sold on internet was marijuana, some students at Stanford University began to purchase marijuana using Arpanet accounts on internet in the early 1970s. 3. Scientists have made a synthetic marijuana called DMHD which can make you high two or three days, you even can’t stand up after the high passed.

marijuana in north korea

4. Did you know that there is only one country where marijuana is 100% legal, it is also the most repressive country – North Korea. You can purchase weeds in market and smoke it at parks, monuments, restaurants and bars in North Korea.

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5. A German research shows that  marijuana can decrease suicide rate by 5%  or more. Check it out marijuana reduce anxiety and depression

6. Research shows that unlike most addictive drugs, marijuana may induce new brain cell growth which can improve your memory and reduce anxiety and depression. Check it out


7. World’s fastest men on land or water both smoke marijuana.

8. Scientists have found our ancestors began to smoke marijuana as early as 2700 years ago, they found 789 grams marijuana stash in a 2700-year-old Chinese tomb.

9. The scientific name for marijuana is cannabis, but it is most commonly called marijuana in America. America marijuana

10. In America, marijuana is the most common illegal drug, a bout 1oo million Americans have tasted marijuana once at least.

11. The NBA does not test athletes for marijuana use in the offseason.


12. Marijuana is second only to alcohol as the world’s most popular recreational drug.

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