22 interesting facts about tigers

15. Tigers have a lifespan of 20-25 years, whether they are kept in captivity or wild. There are about 3500 tigers in the wild, more are in captivity.

Champawat Tiger

16. Tigers generally do not take humans as prey because they don’t know its taste. In India, a tiger called Champawat Tiger began to prey on humans after killing an unwitting human in accident, she had killed 430 people. Seems human flesh is suitable to tiger’s taste.

17. Tigers touch prey’s neck with their whiskers to check pulse to see if preys are dead, so feigning death is useless.

albino tigers

18. White tigers and albino tigers are often mistaken by people. You can tell the difference from the stripe.


19. Indian workers wear mask behind head to prevent tiger attacks. This simple method is very useful.

20. Male tigers can mate up to 50 times in one day, each time lasts a short time.

fat tiger

21. The hunting success rate of tigers is only 10%, so they can eat 30kg meat in one night after a triumphant hunt.


22. In India, a male tiger named T25 adopted two orphaned cubs, playing the role of ‘mother’. Scientist said it is very unusual because most male tigers take cubs as food.

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