21 interesting facts about Ireland


1. It is legal to drive after drinking in the rural roads in County Kerry, Ireland. The councilman explained that some people may get depression and suicide if they can’t go out to drink and drive home.

2. More than 40% of all American presidents are people of Irish ancestry, including the incumbent president Obama.

3. Ireland is the birthplace of Halloween, Titanic and Guinness.


4. John Butler Yeats won the first Olympic medal for Ireland for painting. His painting The Liffey Swim won a silver medal in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris.

ireland drunk
5. In facts, Ireland is not the drunkest country, according to World Health Organisation’s report, it only ranks 18th for pure alcohol consumption. Belarusians drink the most.


6. Ireland is the only country that officially banned happy hours ( half price alcoholic drinks) to lower alcoholic consumption and crime. Massachusettes also banned happy hours since 1984.


7. The designer of the White House is the famous Irish architect James Hoban.

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