21 Interesting Facts About Dreams


  1. You often dream about some strange faces, actually, the strangers who appear in your dream are people you have met in real life.
  1. The average person has about 1,460 to 2,190 dreams a year.
  1. You can’t read or tell the time when you are dreaming.
  1. In the nightmare, you can try to fall backward, it can help you to go into a pleasant dream. Maybe it sounds crazy, but it is true.
  1. Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon that does exist, it means you are aware of you’re dreaming when your brain is still in the sleep state, and you even can control your dreams, this is so cool! Statistics show that nearly fifty percent of people have experienced a lucid dream in their life.
  1. What is the scariest dream you have ever had? Have you experienced that you can’t move and have a sense of an extremely evil presence in the room with you in the dream? This is terrible, awful, because it is true enough to make you think it is not a dream but real. It even has a medical name: sleep paralysis. Scientists have identified this is caused by the stress in life, most often occurred in teenagers and young adults.
  1. Sleepwalking is a potentially dangerous sleep disorder, those people often get out of bed and begin to move around the room during sleep, some of them even will leave home or make some dangerous moves. There is such a cause, while sleepwalking a man drove 22 miles to his relative’s house and killed his cousin. How is it possible? This is horrible!
  1. In fact, during the sleep state, our brains are more active than in the daytime.
  1. We all dream, those people who say they don’t dream at all actually often can’t remember their dreams.
  1. Not all of dreams are in color, 12% of people only dream in black and white.
  1. Scientists at UC Berkeley have developed a technology which can know what you had seen in your dream, in other words, it will try to extractthe images in your brain in sleep, cool, maybe one day you can upload your dreams to the Internet.
  1. Sometimes dreams are very strange, some people even dreamed disaster or accident in their sleep before it actually happened, it is a bizarre phenomenon, and called premonition dreams. Abraham Lincoln had dreamed of his assassination. It is a most famous premonition dream.
  1. Blind people also can dream. But people who were born blind can’t see any image in their dreams, they use their other senses to dream, such as sound, touch and smell.
  1. Negative emotions are more than positive emotions appeared in dreams. Anxiety is the most frequent emotion in dreams.
  1. Studies have shown that animals dream too, you can look carefully at your dog when it is sleeping, if you find that it is shaking its paws or making yipping sounds, maybe it is dreaming of chasing something.
  1. People of different sex dream differently, men have more aggressive emotions in their dreams than women, in men’s dreams, 70% of the characters are other men. But in women’s dreams, they experience more nightmares than men, men and women’s number in their dreams are almost equal.
  1. If you are snoring you are not dreaming, you can’t do them at the same time.
  1. For most adults, we dream every 90 minutes, the longest dream often occurs in the morning, lasts about 30-45 minutes.
  1. There is a sleeping mask called the REM Dreamer, it will help you to realize that you are dreaming in your dreams, and then you can even control your dreams.
  1. British girl Louisa Ball has a rare sleeping disorder, it is called Sleeping Beauty Disease, also known as Kleine-Levin Syndrome, it lets Louisa always want to go to sleep, she can even sleep for days together, and it is so hard to wake her up. It is still an incurable disease, doctors could do nothing about it.
  1. Many inventions were born in dreams. For example, Elias Howe said he dreamed about that the cannibals who held spears which looked like the needle chased him in his dream, and then he designed the sewing machine.

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