20 interesting facts about Australia


8. Tasmania is the only island state of Australia, it has the world’s cleanest air and water, which make it become one of the most desirable places in the world.

Ugg boots

9. Australia is the birthplace of Ugg boots, it originally called Ugly boots, Australian farmers originally used two sheepskins to make the shoes which can protect them from cold, and then such shoes were becoming widely popular in Australia.

Australians convicts

10. Australia once was a penal colony of British convicts, such transport of convicts began in 1788 and ended in 1868, during this time, about 160, 000 convicts were sent to Australia, so many Australians were considered the convicts descent.

Tasmanian tiger

11. The world’s last Thylacine also known as Tasmanian tiger “Benjamin” died at the Beaumaris Zoo, Hobart, Tasmania on 7 September 1936.


12. Thongs in Australia are not the smaller briefs also known as the T-back as we think, it usually means a kind of rubber footwear.

Fairy floss

13. Fairy floss means cotton candy in Australia.

Lyre bird

14. Lyre bird is the national bird of Australia. It is peculiar to Australia, very smart and good at imitating different sounds including other bird’s, other animal’s and even human’s voice, called the world’s greatest imitator.

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