20 interesting facts about Australia

Lake Hillier

1. There is a pink lake in Australia, Lake Hillier. You can safely swim in it, scientists estimate the red color was due to the red halophilic bacteria in salt lake.

2. More than 70,ooo Australians agreed to get “Jedi”  recognized as an official religion.

the United States Space Station Skylab

3. In 1979, the United States Space Station Skylab debris crashed at southeast of Perth in Western Australia due to four percent error. The US was fined $400 for littering but it refused to pay the fine.

4. The second largest petition in Australian history was to protest rising beer prices, it got 792,985 signatures.

5. Australians all like gambling! This country has the highest gambling rate in the world, according to incompletely statistics, more than 80% of Australian adults participated in gambling frequently and it owns 20% of the world’s pokie machines.

Great Barrier Reef

6. The world famous Great Barrier Reef lies in Australia’s northeast coast, it is the longest and largest coral reef system in the world and was listed as a World Heritage Site as early as 1981.

sheep meme

7. Australia has the most sheep in the world, it is the largest wool producer and exporter in the world, the number of sheep in Australia is nearly 7.5 times more than its population, the world’s most high grade wools come from Austral.

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