19 interesting facts about Mexico

11. There are more Spanish speakers in Mexico than in any other country.

12. Mexico City has Latin America’s largest metro and the cheapest ticket price in the world.

13. Tequila is the name of a Mexican city, it is also the national drink of the country.


14. Mexico is home to a very rare rabbit called volcano rabbit.

15. Human civilization traces that date as far back as 21,000 BC have been found in Mexico.

16. There are about 236 television stations in Mexico.

17. Mexico is famous as gemstones producing place, Mexico’s famous gemstones include Topaz, Amethyst, Opal, Quartz, Turquoise and Jade.


18. Mexico’s Cenotes are the masterpiece of nature, given a fairy tale beauty, attract a lot of tourist from all over the world every year, the Mayans have used them for sacrifices.


19. Kinseanera is one of the most important traditions for a Mexican girl, it is symbolizing they entered adulthood.

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