18 interesting facts about Earth

10. Due to the effect of gravity, the earth is a ball, but not a perfect round sphere, it’s flat at the two poles, so it is an irregular ellipsoid.

11. The densest planet of nine planets in our solar system is Earth.

12. The distance from the sun to the earth is about 150 million kilometers, sunlight takes about 8 minutes and 19 seconds to reach the earth.

13. The water on earth almost all came from outer space in molecular form.


14. Now scientists believe that our earth has a “twin” planet, it is named Theia, it is almost the same size as Mars. Theia crashed into the earth on an afternoon about 4.533 billion years ago, most of the planet was absorbed by the earth core, but a large chunk dropped and combined with the earth’s material, gathered together around Earth then formed the early moon. The speculation is due to that the rock on the moon is very similar in composition to the Earth .

15. The total weight of all the ants on Earth is  is close to that of humans.


16. 91% of all plants and animals in the sea and 86% of those on the land are still undiscovered, many species became extinct before we find them.

17. In fact, more than 65% of the earth is unexplored because we only explored 5% of the ocean floor, it’s extreme difficult to explore the deep ocean.

18. Earth is the only known planet in the universe to have total solar eclipses!

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