18 fun facts about Paraguay


1. The country was called “parrot “ in ancient times. An interesting fact, the name Paraguay comes from a parrot which was known by the name of Frank, it was first found and finally eaten by the earliest Jesuit settles in this place.

2. Paraguay is divided into two regions by its eponymous river —the Paraguay River, which is the second longest river in South America after the Amazon.

Itaipu Dam

3. Paraguay is currently the world’s largest exporter of hydroelectric power. It shares Itaipu Dam with Brazil, which is the world’s largest hydroelectric power plant.

4. Building of the Itaipu Dam used as much concrete as could have been used to build 210 football stadiums!

Paraguay independence

5. Paraguay achieved its independence from Spain on May 14, 1811.

6. There isn’t feudal baron class in this country and most other South American countries has nobles.

Paraguay poor

7. The wealth distribution of Paraguay is extremely lopsided. There are very few very wealthy citizens, and very many very poor citizens.


8.Yerba mate is the national beverage of Paraguay, a unique tea blend with ice, sweeteners,herbs and fruit.

9. The Chaco War fought between Bolivia and Paraguay from 1932 to 1935 was a great success for Paraguay because it got highly profitable lands from Bolivia which is good for rebuilding and recovery after the war.


10. Around 95% of the population of Paraguay is Mestizo having Spanish and Amerindian ancestry.

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