17 cool USB Hubs that will blow your mind


1. Sweet pig family, a happy pig mommy is feeding three USB piglets, their eyes will flash on transmission. Sweet and creative gifts. Check it out

airplane usb

2. We are going to take off, cool little airplane with four 4 USB ports, the propeller is a real fan( switch is above the cockpit), the ports look like parts of the plane, everyone in the office love it. Check it out

Skull USB Hub

3. A weird skull USB hub, 4 high-speed ports in the jaw, it’s also very functional, you can put your candy or keys in the brain – if you don’t mind. And you can talk with him when you are bored. Check it out

Darth Vader USB Hub

4. This awesome Darth Vader USB Hub can breathe like real Darth Vader when you plug something in, a perfect gift for a Star Wars fan. Check it out

Chocolate Bar USB Hub

5. This delicious USB Hub is great for chocolate fans, you can organize your files on the central touchscreen. Check it out

Tulip USB Hub

6. Get some tulips in your office, although it’s fake. Check it out

 Submarine Hub

7. This Submarine is well armed, 5-Port Hub + Bluetooth Dongle + TF / SD / MS / M2 / XD Card Reader, it’s ultimate but can’t work in the bathtub. Check it out

Robot USB Hub

8. Every one love this cool Robot USB Hub, eyes will light up while working. Check it out


9. This USB Hub has a cool design, it boasts a trendy white finish, four USB 2.0 sockets, a pair of FireWire 400 connectors, a fan and even a light. The inspiration is from Medusa. Check it out

49-port USB hub

10. Forget the cool design, forget the fashion design, this 49-port USB hub has a primeval appearance, but it is the most practical, you will never need to worry about limited ports. Check it out

Transformer USB Hub

11. At first sight it is just a normal box shaped USB Hub, but when you play it it will become the coolest Transformer USB Hub which can be posed in a variety of ways due to the multiple joints of movement,, even you can use it to play a cassette tape. Check it out

Cassette Tape USB Hub

12. This is a retro style classic cassette tape USB Hub. But it’s not a real tape that can not be played. Check it out

lego hub

13. LEGO USB Hub is stackable, classic design. Check it out 

SNES Cartridge USB Hub

14. SNES Cartridge USB Hub. Maybe kids nowadays don’t know what this is. Check it out

monster usb hub

15. This six-legged monster is the favorite pet of any villain’s. Be careful it may eat your expensive laptop. Check it out

R2-D2  USB hub

16. High quality R2-Q5 USB Hub, not made in China but Japan. Blinking lights eyes, R2 beeping sounds, auto rotated heads, a perfect gift for Star War fans. Check it out

Doomsday Device Hub

17. It’s time for the ultimate USB Hub – Doomsday Device Hub, every big ass should own one, just click the red button, then the world will be clean. Check it out

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