16 interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson

Sally Hemings

9. There was a controversial topic that Thomas Jefferson had children with a woman slave named Sally Hemings.

the University of Virginia

10. Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819. He was the first and the only president who founded a higher learning institution.


11. Thomas Jefferson brought ice cream to America, he ate vanilla ice cream for the first time in France, then he learned to make it and even wrote a recipe for vanilla ice cream.


12. Thomas Jefferson was also a musician, he was a gifted violinist. In the early years, he always spent several hours to practice the violin, and accompanied his wife on his violin.


13. Thomas Jefferson died at 12:50, on July 4, 1826, after a few hours, his friend and the former president John Adams died on the same day.


14. Thomas Jefferson liked birds very much, his favorite bird was named Dick. Dick always accompanied him in the White House.


15. A rotating bookstand was one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorite devices. It could hold five books at the same time, just liked opening five windows on the computer.

thomas jefferson meme

16. Jefferson though agriculture is more important than industry, as he thought farmers can provide their own income or sustenance while workers have to rely on others to survive. He will be disappointed today.
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