16 interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

1. Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States, he played a very important role in the early history of the United States, also a very interesting figure in his day.

The US Library of Congress

2. The US Library of Congress was built in 1800, but burned down in 1814. Thomas Jefferson once sold 10,000 volumes of his books to the library for its reconstruction.

3. Thomas Jefferson was one of most talented men in American history, but his eloquence wasn’t good, he was not a excellent speaker.

the Declaration of Independence

4. Thomas Jefferson was also a writer, he was the author of the world-famous the Declaration of Independence.


5. Thomas Jefferson was an architect, he personally designed his house Monticello.


6. There were only a few lines carved on Thomas Jefferson’s tombstone, did not mention numerous political achievements, his talent or he had serviced as President of the United States.

7. Thomas Jefferson was the only president who never used his veto during his two terms.

8. One of Thomas Jefferson’s hobbies was archeology. He had sent the mastodon bones to the East Room of the White House and tried to establish a skeleton.

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