16 interesting facts about basketball


1. Basketball officially became one of Olympic sports in the 1936 Berlin Games.

 slam dunks  illegal

2. In 1967, slam dunks were considered illegal (maybe it was considered violent); nine years later it was legalized again.


3. Dr. James Naismith, Canadian-born American teacher from Springfield, Massachusetts, invented the game of basketball in 1891.

 Michael Jordan

4. Michael Jordan is one of the best basketball players around the world, he is also one of the most famous sportsmen in the planet. His total career score is 32,292. The record score of 5,987 (in playoffs) set by Michael Jordan is unbroken in NBA.

 kids basketball

5. People love to play basketball. Some of them think playing this sport at home can make their body grow higher.

 The first basketball

6. The first basketball was actually a soccer ball. The modern basketball was introduced in 1929.

 7. Basketball is a game loved and invented by Americans but the first pro game was played in Toronto, Canada in 1946.


8. Only two teams in the original NBA teams still exist today. They are Boston Celtics and the New York Knicks. Every other original team has either folded or moved since the league started up.

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