16 fun facts about Brazil

Brazil barbecue

9. You must have heared about Brazil barbecue, it is a very famous Brazilian food that has successfully attracted the world’s attention.

the Monumental Axis

10. The Monumental Axis located in Brazil is considered to be the widest road with twelve lanes in the world.

11. The distance from north to south in Brazil is 4,395 kilometers, which is the world’s longest.

Brazil monkeys

12. According to statistics, currently there are about 310 species of monkeys around the world, and Brazil has 95 species, so it is the country which has the most monkey species in the world.

13. Brazil has already moved toward energy independence, it is a great achievement.

14. There are more than 180 native languages spoken in Brazil.

The Knitting Prisoners brazil

15. In Brazil jails, prisoners can reduce their sentences by knitting, reading and pedaling bicycle


16. The President of United States of American George W. Bush once asked Brazilian President, “Do you have blacks, Too?”  While Brazil has more blacks than the U.S.A.

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