16 fun facts about Brazil


1. Federative Republic of Brazil is the official name of Brazil. The world Brazil derived from brazilwood which grows in the coast of Brazil.


2. Brazil is one of the world’s largest markets for high-purity cocaine now. 6 million Brazilians have used cocaine, this number in U.S is 4.1 million.

brazil soccer

3. Football is the most popular outdoor sport in Brazil, loved by Brazilian children. Football ground is distributed in every city in Brazil.

4. The South America’s largest river— Amazon River is located in Brazil. It also has the largest drainage basin and the most branches in the world.

statue of Christ

5. The statue of Christ redeemer is the emblem of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has become one of the largest Christian population countries in the world.


6. Brazil is the largest coffee producer which produces 33% of all the coffee in the world, the world’s best coffee comes from there.

7. Brazil’s official language is Portuguese, it is also the largest Portuguese-speaking population country in the world.

Brazil culture

8. Brazil has long shorelines, carnival, unsurpassed natural environments and open-air football grounds, all of those created Brazil’s particular outdoor culture, this relaxed and vivacious ambience made Brazil become a best place to make friends.

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