15 interesting facts about Spain

1. Now over 400 million people speak Spanish in 22 countries all over the world while Spain only has 47 million people. Spanish was brought to America by Spanish Empire in 16th century. Now there are 35 million Spanish speakers living in the U.S and Spanish will become the first language of half Americans in 50 years according to a study.

2. Every Spanish has two surnames: the father’s surname and the mother’s surname.

Spanish Armada

Spanish Armada


3. Spanish Empire has controlled the seas in history, they did great job at navigation, they first discovered the California, Antarctica and the Pacific Ocean, the first man who circumnavigated the world is also a Spanish.

Christopher Columbus

4. Legendary explorer Christopher Columbus worked for Spanish Queen, but he was an Italian in fact(disputed,) no one knows where the hero was buried.

5. According to Spanish law, nudity is not illegal anywhere, but remember this is just a theory, you can find many nudists on its beautiful beaches.


6. Spain gets great success in tourism, it is the third tourism destination in the world. It has attracted 60.6 million international visitors in 2013.

7. Spain is two times bigger than the UK, but its population is only 2 thirds of the UK’s.

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