15 interesting facts about lions


1. Lion’s worst enemy was small porcupine, many curious lions have to end up with porcupine’s sharp quills in their  jaws for life.


2. In 2005,  Ethiopia, three lions saved a girl from seven abductors. Check it out 

3. Lions are the largest species of African cat family, but second to tigers as the world’s largest big cat species.

lazy lion

4. In the daily life, lionesses are responsible for most hunting job, male lions rarely hunt, even so, the males still eat first.

lion jump

5. Lions can reach the speed of 50 mph when they run short distances, and they can leap 36 feet forward.

6. Lion’s heels don’t touch the ground while walking. It fits the characteristic of animals which belong to the cat family, they are always very elegant.

Family of African Lions looking very alert

7. Unlike other cat species, lions are very social, they are living with other lions including offspring, adult males and lionesses, usually large groups made up of 10-15 lions are called prides.


8. Male lions are easily distinguishable by their heavy manes, lionesses have a preference for the males with darker manes.

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