15 interesting facts about Bolivia

1. La Paz is the capital of Bolivia, it is the highest administrative capital city in the world located on 11,910 feet of attitude. Bolivia is the most isolated of the Latin American republics.

2. Soybeans are the major cash crop of Bolivia.

3. The largest deposit of salt on the planet is in Bolivia.

4. The official motto of Bolivia is a Spanish phrase which means “unity is strength”.


5. The name Bolivia is to commemorate Simon Bolivar, a hero in the Spanish American wars of independence, it becomes an official name in 1825.

6. Bolivia has the world’s largest butterfly sanctuary.

7. The National Day of Bolivia is in August 6th.

8. Bolivia is equal to the size of California and Texas put together.

9. The Bolivians are full of enthusiasm for sports, especially soccer.

10. Bolivia is located within one of the wettest zones on the planet.


11. Lake Titicaca is one of the most fascinating lakes in the world, located between Bolivia and Peru, it is also the world’s highest navigable lake, at an elevation of about 12,500 ft.

12. Bolivia abounds with coca leaf which is used to make cocaine. It is the world’s third largest producer and exporter of coca leaf.

13. Bolivia’s infant mortality rate is between 68 ‰ and 75 ‰, it is also one of the highest infant mortality rate countries in South America, and almost 30% of infants under three suffer from chronic malnutrition.

14. In Bolivia, the family members’ roles are very traditional – “Machismo” is very much alive.

El carnaval de Oruro

15. El carnaval de Oruro is the best known fiesta in Bolivia.

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