21 Horrible Holocaust Facts

15. After the war, many German citizens were forced to see the bodies in the death camps to understand what their government had done, many people vomited.


16. It’s very weird, but Nazi Party really had passed a series anti-animal cruelty laws. Hitler said “in the new Reich, no more animal cruelty will be allowed.”

17. Hitler’s first love –  Stefanie Isak is a Jew. Check it out

18. Japan saved over 6,000 Jews during WWII.


19. Steven Spielberg refused to accept any money for his film “Schindler’s List”!

20. A Muslim Mustaga Hardaga saved a Jews family in the holocaust, five years later, his family was saved by Israel during the Bosnia genocide!

21. It is illegal to deny the holocaust in Germany, France and Switzerland.

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3 thoughts on “21 Horrible Holocaust Facts

  1. Wow..thank you….that isn’t weird with Steven Spielberg..I would hope more people would follow what he did as it opened some people’s eyes to the facts. Thank you again. …by the way alot of the survivors say Schindlers list is more factual than any other movie before it’s time

  2. This is some pretty factual stuff and grusem llike if that was hitlers goal was to wait til the president died to gradually start taking over and wait to knock off the jew that was pretty clever but my only question is if nazi’s had blonde hair and blue eyes what was hitler considered besides the chancler back then?

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