21 Horrible Holocaust Facts

8. Nazi abused homosexuality(both German and Jews), they tried to change their sex orientation by injecting male hormones. German gays were forced to have sex with prostitutes.

9. When Soviet soldiers liberate the first camp and told the world how horrible the camp was, no one believed what they said.

gas chamber

10. In order to kill people effectively, Nazi forced people to a chamber full of carbon monoxide and insecticide. The Jews were told to take a shower in the room.

11. Victims would kill each other creating a large pile of bodies in the gas room, they wanted to get the top to breathe, because the gas would rise up from the bottom, the strongest would get the top but he also could’t escape from the death.

12. Nazi made soap from Jew’s fat.

13. Some Jews who survived after the liberation died from overeating, they were seriously lack of nutrition and couldn’t stop eating when they met food.

Oskar Schindler

14. There were still some heroes in the dark time. German businessman Oskar Schindler who saved more than 1,00o Jewish was one of them, his story was already filmed.(not for kids.)

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  1. Wow..thank you….that isn’t weird with Steven Spielberg..I would hope more people would follow what he did as it opened some people’s eyes to the facts. Thank you again. …by the way alot of the survivors say Schindlers list is more factual than any other movie before it’s time

  2. This is some pretty factual stuff and grusem llike if that was hitlers goal was to wait til the president died to gradually start taking over and wait to knock off the jew that was pretty clever but my only question is if nazi’s had blonde hair and blue eyes what was hitler considered besides the chancler back then?

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