21 Horrible Holocaust Facts

Holocaust Remembrance Day is Israel’s national holiday which is set to commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau. Here are 21 horrible holocaust facts collected via Google, maybe you should leave if you are immaturity. 

death camps

1. During the Holocaust, 6,000,000 Jews were killed by Nazi (half of the victims were women and children,) while at that time the whole Europe only had 9 million Jews.

2. Nazi not only killed Jews, they also killed Polish, Romani, other gypsy, blacks, war prisoners, Soviet civilians. They even killed German included homosexuals, disabled person, Freemasons, political prisoners, criminals and Jehovah’s Witnesses. About 11,000,000 people were killed during the holocaust.

3. German were not allowed to marry or have sex with Jews in Nazi laws, the laws also forbidden Jews working in public places, Jews doctor couldn’t cure other kinds of people.

4. Nazi did a lot of anti-human experiment, one of them is separating the newborn babies with their mother, the abnormal goal is to see how long the baby can live without feeding.

doctor Josef Mengele

5. Notorious nazi doctor Josef Mengele who was  fascinated with twins has killed thousands of children, he always brought kids toys and candy before he killed them, he had sewed a couple twins together from the back when he tried to create the Siamese twins.

6. Many famous company,BMW, Benz, Bayer and Krupp all used slave labors during the war.

7. Nazi had tried to make lampshades from human skin.

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  1. Wow..thank you….that isn’t weird with Steven Spielberg..I would hope more people would follow what he did as it opened some people’s eyes to the facts. Thank you again. …by the way alot of the survivors say Schindlers list is more factual than any other movie before it’s time

  2. This is some pretty factual stuff and grusem llike if that was hitlers goal was to wait til the president died to gradually start taking over and wait to knock off the jew that was pretty clever but my only question is if nazi’s had blonde hair and blue eyes what was hitler considered besides the chancler back then?

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