14 Most Creative Ice Cube Trays

How to keep cool with the coolest ice cube in the hot summer? Enjoy this list posts and find the most creative cube trays, your friend will envy you as their ice cubes are so boring.

Penguin and Polar Bear (Ice Cube Molds)

1. Penguin and Polar Bear Ice Cube Molds. Although they don’t live in the same area, they face a same problem – global warming. The cool ice cube reminds everyone that you can protect these cute creatures through a low-carbonlife, cool and educational meaning, animal protectors love it. Check it out


2. Cool Jazz Ice Cube Tray. Great gift for a guitar lover, it’s made from pure food-grade silicone and looks like a real exquisite guitar once frozen. The mold makes three guitars and the extra can make 14 song notes at once. Check it out

Moai Ice Cube Trays

3. Stone Cold Ice Trays. You don’t need to go to Chile to enjoy the famous Moai stone statues, you can enjoy it in your soda pop, cold and mysterious, maybe the aliens will contact you someday. Check it out


4. Superman Ice Cube Tray. With superman’s freeze breathe it will cool your drink faster (kidding), each shaped like Superman’s iconic symbol. Comic geeks should have one. Check it out


5. Hello Kitty Ice Cube Tray. If Superman is boy’s favor, girls may like this super cute cat, you will love it. Check it out

Screamer Ice Cube

6. Screamer Ice Cube Tray. Give your drink some artistic air, inspired by Edvard Munch’s painting The Scream, it’s a good ice breaker for social gatherings. Check it out

Brain Freeze Ice Cubes

7. Brain Ice Cube Tray. A little weird but still funny, cool down your brain making it running faster. Check it out


8. Ice Cube Sticks Tray. Looks simple and normal, but it’s a great invention for those who can’t stick normal ice cubs in bottles, useful and amazing. Check it out


9 and 10. Octopus Ice Cube Tray and Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray. The two may be the best ice cubes when you chill drink on the beach, tropical taste. Check it out, Check it out


11. Smiles Ice Cube Tray. I don’t know why more than 74 people have bought it on Amazon, it really looks like my grandpa’s dentures, LOL Check it out

bone ice

12. Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray. Great ice cube on the Halloween parties, what are you waiting, let’s rock. Check it out 


13. Hundred Dollar Bill Ice Cube Mold, you don’t need throw thousands of 1 dollar bills in the club, just presenting people these 100 dollar ice cube make people like you more. Check it out  


14. Gentleman’s Ice Cube Tray. Make your cocktails like a sir, classic hat, cute glass, decent tie and trust me that the mustache tastes pretty awesome. Check it out 

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