14 interesting facts about volleyball

 unlimited players

8. The first version of volleyball called “mintonette” was created as a recreational activity for local businessmen to enjoy during their lunch hours. The first rules allowed for unlimited players per side and unlimited contacts.

9. In 1900, a special ball was designed for the sport when William G. Morgan found basketball or tennis ball didn’t fit the new sport.

 beach volleyball meme

10. Beach volleyball is the only Olympic sport with a rule prohibiting players from wearing too much.

11. The European Patent Office lists 383 volleyball-related patents.

 Olympia World Championship of Beach Volleyball

12. The first professional beach volleyball tournament was called the Olympia World Championship of Beach Volleyball. It took place at Will Rogers State Beach during late summer in 1976.

13. The longest volleyball game was recorded in Kingston, North Carolina. You can’t believe that it took 75 hours and 30 minutes.

cuba volleyball team

14. Ana Fernández, Mireya Luis, Marlenis Costa, Regla Torres and Regla Bell, the five Cuba female volleyball players had won three Olympic volleyball gold medals.

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